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Save Lives: Clean Hands, 5th May 2018

Hand hygiene remains crucial to effective infection prevention and control, and this date aims to improve awareness and bring people together in support of continued global improvements.

This May 5th the World Health Organisation are linking the hand hygiene campaign to the ‘Antibiotics, handle with care’ initiative, highlighting the relationship between antimicrobial resistance and infection control.  #handhygiene  #antibioticresistance

Hand hygiene is not a luxury; it is a simple, effective and affordable solution to reduce both the spread of infection and multi-resistant germs. It is particularly important for patients in hospitals as it reduces the spread of health care-associated infection.

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Corporate Athlete and Cardiac Care

The Academy for Chief Executives ran the first in their Expert Speaker Series for 2018, introducing Dr Dorian Dugmore who presented a talk titled ‘The Corporate Athlete’.

The presentation spanned a variety of key issues that affect the global workforce on a daily basis. Attention was paid to the impact of stress on health, and the difficulty sustaining performance under pressure and rapid change. Dorian emphasized the need to invest in staff wellbeing not only for individual health, but to improve both absenteeism and staff retention rates. read more…

No Smoking Day, 8th March 2017

No smoking day was once again carried out in Gibraltar, with advanced nurse practitioner Elizabeth Borges attending the day and making additional appointments for anyone interested in quitting. Members of the Environmental Agency also supported the event, highlighting the impact of smoking not just on health but also on the environment.

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