Antibiotic Awareness Day, 19th November 2018

Following on from World Antibiotic Awareness week, the Gibraltar Health Promotion and Infection Control departments held an awareness stand at the ICC reinforcing the important over arching messages.

Antibiotic overuse and abuse in humans, and in animal rearing, is making antibiotic resistance (AMR) a serious threat to global health.



“Bacteria divide & multiply every half an hour. Once exposed to an antibiotic, any chance mutations (novel or acquired) in the bacterial DNA will confer resistance to this antibiotic representing a basic Darwinian evolutionary advantage, allowing proliferation of the resistant bacterial strain. Resistance mutation genes accumulate within a given bacteria resulting in resistance to multiple classes of antibiotics. Such organisms exploit a biological niche and can then spread, aided and abetted by lapses in standards of care in basic hygiene such as hand washing or preparation of foodstuffs. Even the effects of a single course of a common antibiotic such as that for a urinary tract infection or sore throat on a human are significant; a year after the course, an individuals’ gut flora or microbiome has still not normalised.”
Dr Nick Cortes,
[Consultant Medical Microbiologist, Gibraltar Health Authority]


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