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Welcome to the Healthy Living Website of the Public Health Department.
This website provides information and advice on several aspects of healthy living, from childhood through to adulthood.

Being aware of your lifestyle and knowing when, and how, to make positive changes can help you live longer and healthier. Key areas considered on this site include diet, physical activity, smoking and alcohol intake.

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World Hypertension Day, 17th May 2018

World Hypertension Day (WHD) was first inaugurated in May 2005 and is celebrated annually on 17th May. The purpose of this event is to promote public awareness of hypertension and to encourage the prevention and control of hypertension, often referred to as a ‘silent killer’. read more…

Save Lives: Clean Hands, 5th May 2018

Hand hygiene remains crucial to effective infection prevention and control, and this date aims to improve awareness and bring people together in support of continued global improvements.

This May 5th the World Health Organisation are linking the hand hygiene campaign to the ‘Antibiotics, handle with care’ initiative, highlighting the relationship between antimicrobial resistance and infection control.  #handhygiene  #antibioticresistance

Hand hygiene is not a luxury; it is a simple, effective and affordable solution to reduce both the spread of infection and multi-resistant germs. It is particularly important for patients in hospitals as it reduces the spread of health care-associated infection.

read more…